Black Onyx Dog Tag

$225 CAD $300 CAD

Our take on the classic dog tag. Crafted with .925 (Sterling) Silver and black onyx stone inlays in a subway tile style. Comes on a 2.5mm round box chain x 60 cm (24 inch) in length. Designed in Toronto, Canada.          


Black onyx is said to impart self confidence, helping you be at ease in your surroundings. Also known to impart self control and the power of wise-decision making, giving you the power to become the master of your own future and allowing happiness and good fortune to surround you . Last but not least it is known to eliminate negative thinking of the wearer and deflect negativity of those in your surroundings.

For those of you that rolled their eyes while reading the above, we feel you too. The dog tag will look great on you! Add to cart and proceed to checkout. Trust me, it will be the first of many “wise-decisions”


If you are not satisfied, neither are we! Wolftung is proud to offer a 30 day - money back guarantee on any unworn piece of jewelry.


316L stainless steel -  is hypoallergenic so it will NOT turn your skin green or tarnish. 316L is the highest grade of stainless steel used in the medical industry for scalpel blades. It’s durability, shine and anti tarnish qualities make it the perfect low maintenance metal for jewelry. We use 316L stainless where applicable because it is a harder metal that holds a much stronger bond to PVD plating than softer metals like 925 silver.

PVD plating - meaning "physical vapour deposition" the same process used to plate some of the most expensive luxury time pieces, rightfully so as it is the most durable plating on the market requiring expensive machinery that's only used in advanced facilities. 


Nappa Leather - There is a lot of confusion and deception when it comes to leather. For our Florence Wrap Bracelets we use a Full Grain Nappa Leather from Florence Italy. Full Grain calf leather is the highest grade of leather from the very top of the fully intact hide. The calf leather we use is the same used in exotic car interiors and high end fashion for its supple yet durable qualities. Full grain intact leather has the most tightly bonded collagen fibres made to last a lifetime compared with lower grade leathers like "top grain" "genuine leather" or "bonded leather".


We use real semi precious stones for our beaded bracelet collection and ring inlays. These stones include Black Onyx, Tigers Eye, Grey Map Stone and Volcanic Rock. Each of these stones are sourced from different areas around the world and have different metaphysical and healing energies to them.

Disclaimer: We urge you to do your own research on each stones powers. These powers date back to ancient cultures including the Egyptians, Mayans, and Sumerians. We do not support the validity or use of these stones for medicinal purposes and suggest you consult your doctor or medical health care professional.



Use our online printable measuring tape to determine your perfect fit.

If you do not have access to a printer measure the circumference of your wrist with a soft measuring tape from the 0 mark. Be sure the tape is snug around your wrist. The more accurate the better.

Small: Bracelet inner circumference of 17 cm  (Wrist measurement of 6.5 inch and under) 

Medium: Bracelet inner circumference of 18 cm ( Fits wrist measurement of 6.6 inch - 7"

Large: Bracelet inner circumference of 19.1 cm ( Fits wrist measurement of 7.1 inch -7.5")

*If your wrist size is smaller or larger email us at with your measurement and we will check our stock and do our best to accommodate your size. 


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