At Wolftung we understand your deep innate desire to achieve something. To carve out a better future for yourself you must be in constant competition with yourself. That elated in the moment feeling you get from progress is what keeps you coming back. Whether that be to play a better game of golf, be a better athlete, get in better shape, get that promotion, build a better business, better life, it makes no difference.

We all identify with these ideals and include them in our purpose.

We know you’re on a mission

We call it Wolftung Ambition ...

Our Pieces are designed and crafted in Toronto, Canada with a contemporary minimalist style in mind. Ideal for the times you find yourself poolside or in the boardroom.

Wolftung was built on passion, ambition and a fine attention to detail. Not to be confused with fast fashion. We are a luxury jewelry brand sourcing the highest quality materials to craft our pieces with. Our number one priority is to deliver as much value to our customers as possible.