Caring for your jewelry

At Wolftung we do our best to ensure our jewelry stands the test of time. However, like all luxury fashion items they do demand special care in order to make sure each piece lasts and maintains its beauty.

For best care, store your Wolftung jewelry in its pouch when not being worn.

Necklace care

Wolftung chains are crafted out of 925 silver. Also known as sterling silver meaning it is made of 92.5 % pure silver and the remaining 7.5% is a metal alloy to give it its strength and durability.

Given silvers preciousness and sought after white shine its application in jewelry dates back to ancient civilization. It does however require some maintenance to keep your pieces looking great. Silver tends to tarnish when not worn and can even react to certain peoples body composition/ perspiration. If you notice your piece changing colour to a dull grey or even blackish colour not to worry. Although a nuisance this is normal and can be removed with silver polish and a soft cloth. A non grit toothpaste works as well although be warned some say it can cause minor scratches. We personally recommend buying a creme silver polish and soft jewelers cloth for best results.

***For gold plated or black plated chains wash gently with dish soap

Leather Bracelet

As with all genuine leather, our bracelets should not get wet. Exposure to water / moisture can ruin the bond between the leather and the clasp.


Stingray Bracelet

Although stingray leather is waterproof by its very nature, to ensure your piece looks great for a lifetime, we recommend you remove your piece while showering or swimming for best maintenance practice.


Beaded Bracelet

Beaded stone bracelets are a summer crowd pleaser as they fare well in the water. We do however recommend removing them while being active on the water to avoid losing your piece in the case of it slipping off.