At Wolftung we believe in men with ambition.
We believe in your innate desires to achieve something great.
We want to challenge the misconception that your life's path is beyond your control.
To achieve something great you must embrace the discomfort.
We want you to wear Wolftung with conviction and as a constant reminder to stay true to your ambitions.
Whatever your something is... You are in the driver's seat, and we want to ride shotgun.
We know your on a mission, we call it Wolftung ambition.
Welcome to the Entourage 


The Wolftung collection is meticulously designed in Toronto, Canada, then hand crafted by some of the best renown artisans from around the world.
We design our collection to be versatile and timeless, ideal for your ambitious lifestyle. Whether you find yourself poolside, out on the town or in the boardroom, our contemporary and minimalistic designs are the perfect wardrobe staples.
We know that our customers have high standards. When it comes to quality, our attention to detail is what sets our pieces apart from the rest. Our materials are sourced from around the world which ultimately depends on who is producing the best quality. At Wolftung, our uncompromising high standards are an important part of our brand DNA.